Active Isolated Stretching

Do you have great posture? Can you still touch your toes??
If the answers to these two questions is NO then you can count yourself among a very large part of the current population who suffer with poor flexibility.

Is flexibility that important??

Well, if you consider that most injuries incurred these days are as a result of decreased flexibility causing poor ROM(range of movement) then the answer is YES your ability to stay flexible is extremely important to your health, well being and longevity.
Unlike most other physical characteristics your flexibility can be improved upon almost immediately and we can achieve this through the use of AIS.
AIS is a form of therapeutic stretching developed by a man named Arron Mattes. This method of fascial release provides effective dynamic facilitated stretch of all major muscles groups and extremities throughout the body from the neck to shoulders to legs to hips, ankles, fingers, toes etc.

The Mattes method is an effective therapeutic treatment for deep and superficial fascial release which restores optimal muscle length and increases ROM.

Some of the many benefits of AIS treatment include:

  • Muscle and tendon range of movement of up to 1.6 times their resting length,
  • Removal of metabolic waste products which in turn improves muscular oxidation to eliminate aches and pains and aid recovery for anything from injury to surgery and exercise
  • Reduced postural tightness due to aging
  • increased muscular strength
  • Weight loss and the list goes on