Should you hire a pro?

Can you get the best out of yourself? Do you know how hard to push yourself and when or even how??

For the vast majority of people the answer to these questions would be a firm NO. The solution- hire a professional! Someone who has the right tools for the job in question. If you had car trouble you would go to a mechanic, boiler trouble a heating engineer, a leaky roof a roofer etc. So, physical health, aesthetics or nutrition, see a Trainer.

Usain Bolt, Andy Murray, Floyd Mayweather, Jessica Ennis- All top athletes, what do each of them have in common?? A coach/ trainer who works closely with each of them every day to highlight areas that need work and push them to get the most out of their time spent training, that’s what trainers do!

So you might be thinking I’m not a pro athlete, why would I need a trainer? Well if you’re like me and the rest of the population your time is precious. When it comes to spare time that we have to throw around every week we are all time poor, work commitments, family etc. Having a Personal Trainer demands you find time for your fitness, it insists you find time for your fitness. It’s liberating because those regular sessions are always in your diary and once they’re in you have to obey your diary, it’s your plan for the week.

When you train alone you never push yourself quite as hard as you should and you probably know it, could you have done one more rep, set or exercise- probably! So why didn’t you?? Because there’s nobody telling you to!! You are pushed harder by a trainer than you would ever push yourself, period.

I have many clients that have spent years trying to do it alone; they’ve had the cross trainer machine, the treadmill, the exercise bike etc, which all eventually become clothes hangers. They’ve also spent plenty on years of memberships to gyms and yes they may have done some good but the reason they are fitter now than they were ten years ago is very simple- they’ve sought out a specialist and spent hours working together, two minds focused on the same end goal: a fitter, healthier, happier YOU. A trainer doesn’t spend your sessions speaking about how fit they are and showing off what they can do, your trainer spends his/her time working out how to get you more conditioned, stronger, faster, more co-ordinated, flexible- the list goes on. It’s your time!!!

A good trainer will be aware of your strengths, weaknesses, exercise history and any injuries or accidents you may have had. All of these things have to be considered when designing your training regime on a weekly basis. The relationship you build with your trainer over time is a close and productive one, if you have any physical problems such as back ache, leg/ shoulder pain, minor muscular spasm or niggle of any type they will be the first person you tell because they push you every week and need consistent feedback on how you’re doing.

An investment into your health will never be one you will regret and I’m not saying you will walk into a gym and find your perfect personal trainer at first glance any more than you can walk into a bar and find the love of your life. So look around, choose carefully because a good trainer by your side can make all the difference in the world.