Benefits of Strongman Training for women and men


Strongman training is not limited to 300lb men, any fitness enthusiast of any size, strength, sex and athletic experience can benefit from strongman training. For those unmotivated by conventional training methods, it offers an excellent combination of all types of training in one. Most importantly it offers the most fun way to achieve all these goals and better yourself.

It will build your mental strength and push you to the next level of fitness. It will build your limit strength, your explosive strength, your power, your stability and will do this throughout your entire body.

It allows you to improve your overall cardiovascular health, whilst focussing on anaerobic (Lactic acid) training. Improvements in strong leg exercises such as the prowler, sled drags and farmers walks also translate to increased strength in more traditional gym exercises such as squats and deadlifts.

This type of training produces a special type of burn (lactic acid). Increased lactic acid increases the bloods PH levels, thus prompting an increase in growth hormone production. Our natural growth hormone is the body’s fat burning tool.

Practically all of the exercises are great core exercises, farmers walks are excellent at building ankle and lower back strength. Sled drags are also great at recruiting the VMO muscle of the quadriceps, a key knee stabiliser.

The techniques and movement patterns are very easy to teach, making strongman training an ideal introduction for those new to strength and conditioning training, meaning all levels can join in.

Finally, pushing and lugging weights around is great fun and the bonus is that you get to train outdoors in the fresh air. Women in particular enjoy this approach to training, away from the all too often macho atmosphere of a typical gym weights area.

Here at Be Fit Outside we pride ourselves at giving you a great workout that you will enjoy but also that is going to give you plenty of benefits. All the reasons why you should come along to one of our sessions!

Saturday 24th May 2014


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