Intolerance testing for fat loss

What if you ate an immaculate diet, got your 5 a day, drank water and exercised regularly…. but still didn’t reach your goal? How frustrating would it be to put in all the effort, but still have a muffin top?

The last few pounds, or few percentages of body fat are the hardest to shift. Any personal trainer or fitness professional can get the first few stones off.

But what if it was something as simple as a ‘healthy’ food that you ate daily that your body could not digest or tolerate?

Many clients come to me for health kinesiology sessions to identify food stresses. Health Kinesiology (HK) is a very simple way to find out if foods, beauty products, pollens and even people, are a stress to your system.

I test around 200 foods including grains and glutens, proteins, vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices, dairy, supplements and even additives.

With many clients as soon as they cut out the stressful foods, they drop body fat.
The body stores fat when it is stressed. If you keep eating a food that is stressing your system, you will not get the best results!

For many, foods such as gluten and yeast are identified. Even if you have not been diagnosed a coeliac, most people eat too much gluten. Gluten can be responsible for symptoms such as joint pain, digestives issues, fatigue, ‘brain fog’ and even weight gain.
However, what if you were intolerant to something like lettuce?

A few years back, before my wedding, I was on a real mission like any other bride! I was training hard, eating like a cave girl (meat, fish, vegetables, good fats), resting on scheduled days and getting great results.
However, I knew in the back of my mind, there was something in my diet, blocking my goal
I used my test kits and identified around 20 foods.
I love spicy food! My favorite thing in the whole world is a king prawn curry with a side of spinach..
To my devastation the following foods (as well as others) came up in the test:
King Prawns
String beans
Aloe vera
Red wine
Brazil nuts
Hazel nuts
Cow’s milk and Gluten

If you eat the same foods all the time, your body can become intolerant. Keep a food diary and see how many foods you rely on.

The strange thing is that since the test, I feel a bit green if I eat too many prawns, spinach or tomatoes. I have replaced these foods with alternatives but sometimes it is hard to avoid foods if you really love them!
However, I cut these foods out before my wedding and I lost an inch around my waist in a week. Reducing cortisol, the stress hormone, can reduce abdominal fat.

I trust in energy work implicitly, but also wanted to back up my results with hard science. There are many labs globally that perform blood work tests. I got my blood work done in Monaco shortly after I had self tested. The same foods showed up in an independent blood work test!

So the amazing thing about the body, is that it knows from internal energy feedback what stresses it!

So before you even pick up a dumbbell, you could start dropping body fat by making tiny changes to your diet.
One of my body building clients has had dramatic results by avoiding cabbage and lamb, foods that we would normally see as beneficial.

Everyone is different, which is why the same diet your friend did may not work for you!

Ask your body what it wants for tea and start getting awesome results!

Yours in health
Antonia x

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