Healthy Business lunch SOS

Many clients are concerned about what to eat when entertaining clients.
Business lunches or dinners can drastically effect your training and health goals. Here are some ideas for a healthy business lunch

  • When dining out, send back the bread before it reaches the table. Ask if the waiter can bring you some olives instead.
    Eating bread can give you a real energy slump as well as making you bloat.
    If bread is there, many of us eat it out of habit.
    You want to stay focussed for the business deal, without feeling uncomfortable in your suit!

  • Order a bottle/ jug of water for the table, Sparkling or still with fresh lime. Often the body can be thirsty when we feel hungry. Try to have a glass before you eat.

  • If you fancy a lighter lunch but everyone is eating two courses; order two starters.

  • I often order a soup with a side plate of beef, chicken or omelet as an alternative to bread.

  • If you are having a meeting in a cafe/ sandwich bar, they will often offer salads.

  • Buffet Lunch? Get to the chicken skewers before anyone else, or take the sandwich filling out of the bread. You may need an extra ‘curly sandwich’ filling to satisfy you, but you will feel much better in the afternoon.

  • Aim for a meal with high protein content such as meat or fish. Eating meals such as
    pasta, sandwiches or pizza at lunch are no good for the waist line. Your afternoon energy levels will rocket too!

  • In an Italian restaurant, if everyone is having pizza etc, I order a bowl of Bolognese with a side salad and parmesan!

  • If you have to order sides separately, go for a salad or green vegetables. Try to opt out of chips or potatoes and you may see that you do not miss them. Unless of course you have trained very hard that day and are enjoying a refuel day. (See us at be-fit, if you are unsure if your training has earned you carbs!)

  • Order dressings on the side as many are packed with hidden sugars. Balsamic vinegar and olive oil are a fabulous dressing. Balsamic has also been shown to reduce the insulin and glycemic load of foods. This means that your body produces less insulin when you eat them. This is better for your pancreas, your energy levels and your waistline!

  • Do not be scared of fat. Many studies have been published to prove that sugar is worse for our bodies than fat such as cheese, eggs, mackerel, avacados. Cholesterol is also under scrutiny in the press, all fat is not created equal. If you are concerned about your cholesterol look out for Dr. Jonny Bowden’s brilliant book, The Great Cholesterol Myth.

  • Try to stop eating when you are full. Many of us continue to eat because we have food on our plates.
    Did your parents drum that into you too?
    It took me a while to detrain that pattern, for fear of not getting more food as a reward!

  • Are you really hungry enough for a third course?
    Ok maybe you are. Opt for the cheese board (without the crackers). Or again, if you have trained hard this week and earned a treat meal; try vanilla ice cream.
    Something stodgy such as cake, pie with cream etc is a whopping blast of carbs, sugar, fat, gluten etc.
    Although it may taste amazing at the time, you will probably crash at your desk an hour later.

Yours in health
Antonia x

Please consult your doctor, if you are unsure if these tips are right for you.
For a more specific plan, please call Be-Fit 0191 2135300