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It is always fabulous to help clients to achieve their goals. As well as achieving fat loss and strength goals, we also help awesome people to do amazing things! Strength training is not only for athletes or body builders, it can help people from all walks of life to achieve things they did not think their own bodies could do!

With the correct program and nutrition, you can increase stamina, strength, bone density and improve recovery, not to mention reducing the risk of injury. Michael Barnes has been one of our wonderful clients for many years. He began training for general fitness and wellbeing, he progressed to half marathons and graduated to marathons. This year, at 65 years young, Mike undertook an amazing challenge: a mission to Antartica to race in a marathon to raise money in aid of UKABIF (UK Acquired Brain Injury Forum)

Here is Mike’s story in his own words:

It takes a long time to get to Antarctica. 48 hours after leaving the UK we were waiting in the airport in the far south of Chile, Punta Arenas, for the weather to improve on the Antarctic ice. Eventually the cargo plane, an old Ilyushin from Kazakhstan, was able to leave and after five hours we landed on the ice in the Ellsworth mountains – about 600 miles from the Pole and 1,000 miles from the Antarctic coast.

Home for four days was a two-man tent on the glacier. It didn’t feel too cold with the polar gear on, although the inside of the tent was about 0C so the water bottles froze. Outside was a balmy minus 25C (it had been minus 60C a few days before!). Food was actually great, cooked by two chefs who produced some wonderful dishes in the very cramped mess tent. They are, quite rightly, very fussy in Antarctica about waste which is all (yes, all) flown back to Chile and nothing left is on the ice. The race itself was on a 10K circuit which had been ‘flattened’ but the wind undid all their hard work after about 10 minutes!

Running at minus 30C with wind chill was not easy for anyone although most (well OK, all) were faster than me (but were younger!). Most did the course in about 50 percent more than their normal times. Safety was impressive and everyone was checked over for frostbite after every 5K and forced to have hot drinks and food every 10K. Only one case of frostbite and one of snow blindness had been recorded in 10 years of the race and they were due to the person taking off their gloves and goggles for some reason! Everyone finished and the last marathoner came in after nine hours in the cold. I only did the half marathon which was quite enough for me. So, thanks to Richard at Be Fit for getting a fairly unfit 65 year old with little running experience through that adventure. Great job Be-Fit! Thank you.

Professor Michael P Barnes MD FRCP
Honorary Professor of Neurological Rehabilitation

Well done Mike, we are so proud of you! We can’t wait to see what you achieve next!

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