Many clients are concerned about what to eat when entertaining clients. Business lunches or dinners can drastically effect your training and health goals. Here are some ideas for a healthy business lunch When dining out, send back the bread before it reaches the table. Ask if the waiter can bring you some olives instead. Eating bread […]

Nanna’s Nutritional Gems; tips for modern day healthy eating To get the newest nutritional gems, we have to go back in time. Fish Oil My Nanna had a spoonful of cod liver oil every day. She said that it helped her joints. Ok so this is not a news flash, many people take fish oil […]

Making the right choice! Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few decades there are a few things you should know as fact rather than theory by now- exercise is good for you, smoking is bad for you and food choices dictate your overall health!! Now, if I may draw your […]

Yes I know what you are thinking, it is far too early to be mentioning Christmas! But what if I told you that it was only 12 weeks away?! Yes exactly! So it is probably less than that to your Christmas party right?

I have just returned from an amazing seminar In London with Dr. Tom O Bryan. The seminar was a round up of all of the current medical research regarding; Gluten Related disorders and ‘Non Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity’ (or NCGS coined by Dr. Volta). Gluten is mainly found in wheat, rye and barley. Many people may be […]

What if you ate an immaculate diet, got your 5 a day, drank water and exercised regularly…. but still didn’t reach your goal? How frustrating would it be to put in all the effort, but still have a muffin top? The last few pounds, or few percentages of body fat are the hardest to shift. Any […]

  Strongman training is not limited to 300lb men, any fitness enthusiast of any size, strength, sex and athletic experience can benefit from strongman training. For those unmotivated by conventional training methods, it offers an excellent combination of all types of training in one. Most importantly it offers the most fun way to achieve all […]

Spring is here and it is a great reminder of the importance of eating with the seasons for optimum health and wellness. Seasonal foods offer a natural diversity that we should take advantage of when eating for our health. There is nothing better than eating a juicy summer peach, vine-ripe tomatoes or sweet strawberries grown […]