Have you ever seen a baby sit to play? Naturally they sit in a deep squat. My baby Marcus is 6 months already. Time has really flown! It is amazing to see the full range of motion that his body has. Watching him develop, has made me realise the basic movement patterns that we lose […]

Can you get the best out of yourself? Do you know how hard to push yourself and when or even how?? For the vast majority of people the answer to these questions would be a firm NO. The solution- hire a professional! Someone who has the right tools for the job in question. If you […]

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For the vast majority of people the answer to this questions is a firm, ‘NO’. Even if you are fully motivated, knowing what to do and what not to do to get results the most effective and efficient way is very difficult. That’s why our professionally qualified personal trainers listen to what you would like […]