Benefits of Strongman Training for women and men

  Strongman training is not limited to 300lb men, any fitness enthusiast of any size, strength, sex and athletic experience can benefit from strongman training. For those unmotivated by conventional training methods, it offers an excellent combination of all types of training in one. Most importantly it offers the most fun way to achieve all […]

Benefits of Seasonal Eating

Spring is here and it is a great reminder of the importance of eating with the seasons for optimum health and wellness. Seasonal foods offer a natural diversity that we should take advantage of when eating for our health. There is nothing better than eating a juicy summer peach, vine-ripe tomatoes or sweet strawberries grown […]

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At Be Fit not only is your personal air-conditioned studio completely private, but inside your locker you will find your own shower and changing area complete with toiletries and towels. Come and see our studios at the Kenton Park Shopping Centre, Kenton, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE3 4RU.

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Can you get the best out of yourself?

For the vast majority of people the answer to this questions is a firm, ‘NO’. Even if you are fully motivated, knowing what to do and what not to do to get results the most effective and efficient way is very difficult. That’s why our professionally qualified personal trainers listen to what you would like […]